When a circle meets the sky


(single-channel video, 3:54 min in loop, 3840x2160 resolution, 2016)

(Video Installation & single-channel video,13:08 min in loop, 1280x720 resolution, 2012)


WHEN A CIRCLE MEETS THE SKY is a video installation reflecting on the intriguing relationships among nature, technology and human agency.

Shot in the Mojave Desert, USA(2012) and Melchsee-Frutt,Switzerland(2016), the video of the installation is created by a custom-made weathervane capturing reflections of a mirror determined by wind speed and direction at the location.
Conventional cinema is a unidirectional medium where only things in the front will be captured. In this artwork, the camera looks both forward and backward simultaneously. Instead of a cameraperson selecting our perspectives, the artist allows the wind to choose our views.
Nature shoots a film with no human interaction and presence, intensifying the isolation of the remote desert while at the same time complicating our expected relationships among nature, technology and human participation in the process of artistic creation.


傳統電影是具方向的媒介,只有面向鏡頭的東西オ會被紀錄。 本作品的鏡頭卻同時前瞻與後顧。在電影中,沒有攝影師選擇我們的視點;取而代之是藝術家讓風選擇我們的視野。