The Melting Black 

(5-channel video installation,3840x 2160 resolution each, 20:00 min, 2016)

A visual journey along the seashore.

The melting black is a multi-channel video installation and a visual study of tidal movement unfolded in space.  

Tidal waves are being displayed on five video monitors, each with a slight offset of distance and scale of the original scene, generating a seemingly coherent but erratic spatial and kinematic experience.  The organic patterns brought forth by the changing waves against the elongated geometric forms of the video panels create dramatic contrasts that both disorient and inspire the senses.  The visual presentation is further complicated by the inversion of the vertical and horizontal axes of the sea horizon, where the tidal movement is being staged and experienced from a sideway instead of a frontal perspective. These spatial displacements create ambiguity that challenges our perceptual faculty but at the same time open up new dimensions for seeing movements and changes in nature that are sometimes blinded by our visual customs and perceptual habits. 

(adapted version for Atonal Berlin video installation,5760 x 1080 resolution, 30:00 min, 2016 )