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Drifting towards the unknown

( customized projection and smoke system, laser black screen video, HD, 1920 × 1080 pixel, 18 min in loop 2.7 × 4.7 m )

the-unknow12 -low

The video installation Drifting towards the unknown is a meditation on the feeling of drifting aimlessly, of experiencing the loss of direction in your own work or life. The spatial experience of the installation – the screen removed from the wall to leave room for the smoke coming out from behind it and the ensuing immersion in the slowly drifting smoke – adds another layer to the general experience of the show. The video installation mirrors the screen printing process used in the other works. The waves and the smokes are pushing down, slowly falling to the ground. The digital video and the physical smoke go hand in hand, making the digital traces more visual and translating them into a spatial experience. Engulfed in the clouds of the smoke, one gets a feeling of being lost, of being in a polluted yet beautiful environment.

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