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Clouded White - Horizon

 沌 白

( carbon powder glued and printed on paper, 145 cm × 105 cm each, 2017 )

The series of prints Clouded White are comprised of glue screen-printed on paper, which has then been partially covered with carbon powder. This process reveals the glue-images whilst simultaneously capturing the motion of the powder across the paper, freezing a moment in time.

Clouded White are shots taken on a digital camera during the first encounter the artist had with nature, in Sweden. Shooting the darkness of the night – when the eyes fail to see – the camera captured the hidden structures of the nocturnal landscape. The experience of feeling confronted with nature, lost in the obscurity of the night, with only the imagination left to think about what's out there, is being translated into the physicality of the prints. The computer made the landscapes captured by the camera visible, leaving a noticeable grain which is reflected in the structure of the carbon powder.


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