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Black Moves

  黑  動

(full dome video, 8:45 min,  2015)

black moves emdl SAT full dome video
black moves cave carla chan mountain
black moves carla chan media art
black moves carla chan noise
black moves cave carla chan CYNETART
black moves wave carla chan CYNETART

(video installation, 9:30 min,  single- channel video 7:40 min, 2016)



BLACK MOVES is an immersive video installation consisting of three different versions (volume I, II & III) that can be implemented in different settings. It is a spatial drama and a virtual landscape that simulates the forming and de-forming of an amorphous black mass, an evocative sensorial unfolding that traverses between the boundaries of the physical and the psychological as experienced inside a dark spherical space. BLACK MOVES springs from my long obsession and fascination with natural transformations, particularly formless shapes and their movement. The transformative power of natural substances such as water, rock, air and clouds produce infinite varying forms that seem both ordered and random at the same time. These magical transformations continuously disorient and fascinate the senses, creating a rich perceptual journey that is chartered for a mysterious unknown cosmic. This unknown cosmic can be seen as a representation of an external world as well as a mirror of the psyche from within, where the immanent and the transcendent are fused as one via the ever-changing audiovisuality.


BLACK MOVES is a 10-minute immersive video loop with surround sound that are customized for three different kinds of setup. The multi-layered visuals in the video are created with a set of noise-generation algorithm simulating organic formations and patterns found in nature.   These noise-like organic visual crystals are my attempts in naturalizing digital imageries via the creation of a virtual landscape.




BLACK MOVES (volume I) is specifically created and designed for 360-degree full dome projection where physical mobility of audience is encouraged.  In this version, the work will be presented in a full dome where viewers can be immersed, and experienced the work from all directions.


Two extended versions (volume II & III) are also available for presenting the work. In volume II, the work will be presented as a large multi-video projection where the image is projected in a super wide aspect ratio with a high wall, covering the peripheral visions of the viewer in a large dark room.   This version creates strong tensions between the image as experienced in front and the horizontality of the multiple projections, producing a dazzling horizontal vertigo for its viewers.


A black-box single-channel screening version (volume III) is created specially for be presentation in a smaller dark room or cinema where viewers can sit in front of the projection.  In this version, the interplay between 2-dimesnionality of the flat screen and the quasi 3-D experience generated by the carefully crafted visuals is purposely highlighted, allowing audience to experience depth via flatness without the aid of 3D glasses.



Project developed at residency /www. emdl .eu 


Funded by Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau and Supported by Société des Arts Technologiques [SAT], University of Applied Arts Vienna, i-DAT (Institute of Digital Art and Technology), Laboratory of New Technologies in Communication, Education and the Mass Media (UoA NTLab),kondition pluriel and LANTISS.

Photos documentation by Johnny Ranger





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